Success Stories


  • V&A was instrumental in building a coalition of Republican and Democrat legislators, labor unions, industry and environmental stakeholders and the U.S. Department of Interior to develop and enact comprehensive abandoned mine lands legislation.  This effort provided more than $4 billion dollars in federal funding for mine remediation.
  • V&A was able to obtain a statutory change that permitted speech, language and hearing professionals to directly bill the Medicare program for services rendered.
  •  Representing an international military contractor, V&A was successful in preserving nearly a half-billion dollars of funding for missile defense technology to defeat next-generation threats including tactical ballistic missiles, unarmed aerial systems, cruise missiles, and aircraft.
  •   V&A was able to secure a multi-million dollar appropriation for the testing and demonstration of a next generation air-to-ground tactical missile system.



  •  V&A was able to assist a large glass manufacturer facing new Federal regulations designed to benefit an industry competitor.  We helped form a coalition of industry stakeholders and a bipartisan group of legislators that was able to re-craft the regulatory language and eliminate the harmful provisions.
  • A provision in the “Stimulus Bill” would have changed the criteria for a tax credit for residential window replacement.  This provision would have significantly harmed a large glass manufacturer.  V&A worked with stakeholders in Congress to reverse the law and maintain the tax credit qualifying criteria that had long been in use.
  • V&A assisted a group of cooperative housing owners in obtaining a favorable decision from the Internal Revenue Service with regard to the sale of the cooperative to a private entity.  Due to a restrictive rule in the Internal Revenue Code affecting the sale of cooperative housing units, these individuals (more than 90 percent minority; more than 60 percent single women head of households) were not going to be treated – for tax purposes – as other homeowners with regard to the sale of their units.  This outcome would have resulted in their losing more than 40 percent of the value of their property.  Partnering with a law expert, our team reached out to the IRS, Members of Congress, and housing advocacy groups on behalf of the cooperative owners to secure a Private Letter Ruling from the IRS for the cooperative owners. This accomplishment allowed the sale of the owners’ respective units to be treated in the same way as traditional homeowners.


Federal Marketing & Government Contracting 

  • Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Privatization Recommendation #175 directed the Defense Logistics Agency to privatize its DoD chemical supply chain.  V&A helped develop and execute a federal marketing plan for a leading chemical services provider to compete for this contract.  The V&A client ultimately won the competition, landing a multi-year, multi-billion dollar award.
  • V&A developed an acquisition strategy that was implemented by the world’s largest provider of human resource consulting services to win a $300 million contract for the office of Personnel Management's Retirement System Modernization (RSM) program.
  • V&A was able to aid a client in securing a government contract with the Office of Personnel Management to provide vision services to the Federal employee population.  As a result, the company is the second largest provider of vision care under the Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance Program.
  •  V&A assisted a Midwest-based engineering firm in the development of a comprehensive federal marketing plan, which identified federal agencies as potential customers for the client. V&A shepherded the engineering firm through the General Services Administration (GSA) schedules process and secured the client a place on the Professional Engineering Services Schedule. Once on the schedule, the engineering firm became eligible for government contracts and successfully bid on various federal projects.
  • V&A represented a New Orleans-based engineering firm competing for Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) contracts.  The client was able to secure $140 million in task orders from ACE during the course of the representation.